is it the same song?!

This fucking group I swear to god. 

Seung Yoon Message - SuperStarK6



fanfictions be like ”his eyes scanned the crowed and then locked with mine”


Hello! Not too long ago, High4 and NAP finally released info on their 1st mini album!!
It will be called “Hi High” and will have 4 new songs, including the two singles we’ve already heard with IU and Lim Kim~
It will be released August 27th, so please look out for it!!


16 Kit-Kat flavors you will only find in Japan

Int’l Inner Circle hashtagging for MCountdown.


So, if you’re on twitter / part of the Inner Circle twitter community you probably already know this, but Winner fans have started hash tagging for Winner in order to get them SNS points for Mnet Countdown. 

The Hashtags: 

#위너 = winner 
#공허해 = empty
* Use both hashtags when you tweet. 

The Rules: 

- Tweet must not contain links or pictures 
- Hashtag should not be at the very end or beginning of tweet 
- Tweet with hashtag needs 10RTs or more to be counted for SNS point


Inner Circle has started formatting the hashtags like this (#위너 | #공허해)



Or insert right into the middle of the text like this:


Winner fans on twitter are very into this and once the fandom at large starts hash tagging, it will not be hard for you to get 10 RTs. The tweets started reaching 10 RTs within seconds. At one point, my mentions looked like this: 


The Bottom Line: This is one of the only ways we can help Winner try to win.

Inner Circle is extremely dedicated and are experts at this sort of thing by now. I’ve never been more impressed by a fandom in action. Also, it’s fun to come together as a fandom to get our boys to win something again. 

So if y’all are on twitter, we’re going to be hashtagging in support again leading up to Mnet Countdown tomorrow. Come through for the Inner Circle and help out :) 

(Not necessary, but if y’all want follow me and you’ll know when the hash tagging starts.) 

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