Can someone give me how everyone figured out that BIGBANG isn’t coming to Toronto in the first place?

Since I’ve seen the Lauriann Gibson confirmation and all, but I’m curious to where we figured this out in the first place. 

(Sorry if it’s somewhere really evident, but I haven’t found it, so.)


where did you here that toronto got taken off the list? I heard that choreographers of bigbang said that they were coming to toronto. Don't loose hope!!!

On Twitter, and somewhere on Tumblr.
The choreographer you’re talking about is Laureann Gibson (or something like that…) right? She did originally confirm it, but when it was said [somewhere] that Toronto was taken off the list, she was confronted via Twitter again and she apologized, saying we were originally on the list. 

So… yeah. :c

So BIGBANG apparently isn’t coming to Toronto.

Can I go cry now

Someone hold me

I don’t think I have any chance of going to the US to see them live

; A;

(The worst part is, we were apparently originally on the list. We got taken off…)

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